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Telunas Private Island

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Our private island draws upon 10 years of service and guest feedback to create an experience uniquely tailored to couples and young families. The Telunas concept is about escaping city blur for a remote island holiday as it was intended to be. Leave stress behind and enjoy the simple pleasures of loved ones, fresh meals, adventurous old-fashioned activities, and pure relaxation in a beautiful natural island setting.

You’ll find yourself in a natural island paradise accented with resort comforts. Our island resort offers 15 well-appointed sea villas with spectacular wide-angle views of azure sea and the rugged terrain of Sugi Island, relaxation and fun at the infinity pool, massage services on your veranda, a variety of sea and land activities, and limited choice blackboard menus presented by our executive chef.

"I needed a quiet place to relax and chill for a romantic long weekend, that didn't include a flight. This was perfect."

Libby, Singapore via TripAdvisor

"The best way to enjoy this resort is stuff away your techno gadgets and just jump down that jetty jump."

Emilia Chia, Singapore via TripAdvisor

"The staff were excellent - really helpful, warm, friendly, fun and knowledgeable."

Helena, Singapore via TripAdvisor

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