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Starting in Singapore?

First, Book Your International Ferry

Telunas Resorts is just 1.5 hours from Batam (3+ hours from Singapore). From the Harbor Front Ferry Terminal in Singapore, we recommend booking your round trip tickets through Batam Fast ferry operator to Sekupang, Batam. Guests should make the ferry booking based upon the connecting time of your domestic transfer (see below).

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Next, Coordinate Your Domestic Transfer

You will need to confirm your choice for an international ferry time (see options below) connecting to a domestic transfer to Telunas Resorts during the booking process.  Upon arrival to Sekupang, Batam, a Telunas Resorts team member will guide you to the Telunas boat for a ride in our traditional wooden longboat (a modified, comfortable Melayu Fishing Boat) past mangrove forested islands on the way to Telunas Resorts.

    Arrival ferry (from Singapore): Select the 11:10am or 3:10pm departure from Harbourfront, Singapore to Sekupang, Batam


    Departure* (Return): Purchase the 12:30pm departure from Sekupang (Telunas boat departs Telunas Resorts at 9:30am)
    * Late departure (Return) available upon request for extra charge of S$25 per adult and S$15 per child: Purchase the 5:10pm departure from Sekupang (Telunas boat departs Telunas Resorts at 2:00pm)


    Round trip cost per person is 85 SGD nett to be charged upon CHECKOUT.  This is a standard per person cost for everyone age 5 and older.

    Transfer time between Sekupang port in Batam and Telunas Resorts is approximately 1 hr. 40 minutes

    Telunas longboat

    Passport & Visa Requirements

    Prior to your arrival in Indonesia, please make sure you are holding a passport with a validity date for more than 6 (six) months from the arrival date.  For travelers holding passports from within the ASEAN countries, no visa will be required.


    If you do need Visa On Arrival (VOA), it can be obtained at Sekupang Ferry Terminal or the other Ferry Terminals on Batam. It is valid for a maximum stay of 30 (thirty) days, and is given to citizens from countries that can apply VOA for leisure visit to Indonesia. Please refer to the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for the list of 62 (sixty-two) countries that can apply for VOA in Indonesia (alternate link).


    You will need to present at the port of entry the following requirements:


    1. Original valid passport for more than 6 (six) months from the date of arrival in Indonesia,
    2. An exit ferry ticket or on-going ticket,
    3. A fee of $15.00 US for 7 (seven) days or $35.00 US for 30 (thirty) days.

    What to Bring on Your Beach Vacation

    • Sun Screen & Sun Glasses. Located a mere 1/2 degree North of the equator, Telunas Resorts have plenty of one thing: Sun.
    • Water shoes/sandals: For the safety of our guests, we encourage anyone who will be swimming in shallow water to wear some sort of shoe or sandal for the unexpected ocean wildlife.
    • For those who want to participate in some of the more adventurous activities, please be sure to bring suitable clothing. Closed toed shoes and socks are required for Jungle Hiking/Trekking. Long pants and bug spray are also recommended.
    • Any special drinks you’d like.  While we do serve beer and wine at both of our locations, we do not serve other adult drinks so we invite you to enjoy your own without worry of any corkage fees
    • For guests desiring visit surrounding villages, we ask that you pack a loose-fitting, conservative outfit (shirt covering shoulders and shorts beyond knees).
    • Not a lot! One of our goals at Telunas is to simplify life. We encourage guests not to bring too much.


    • Room and beach towels
    • Child high chairs
    • Beach toys
    • Juices for sale
    • Select packaged snacks
    Available at Telunas

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